No Longer Your Typical Muni

Charleston Municipal gets a Seth Raynor-inspired makeover

Bold, distinctive, and memorable are not words you would associate with most municipal golf courses in America. But thanks to a Troy Miller-led renovation, Charleston Municipal Golf Course embodies all of those qualities.

Tight municipal budgets make it challenging to redesign any government-owned course. And even when the funds are there, local politics and pressures can rob the architectural process of creativity. So Troy Miller, the City of Charleston, and the homegrown “Friends of Muni” organization all deserve a round of applause for not only committing to a wholesale renovation but also allowing it to be daring, different, and rooted in a sense of place and history.

When you think Charleston golf, you think Seth Raynor. His designs at Yeamans Hall Club and Country Club of Charleston are stellar, but they are accessible only to a few. Troy Miller’s vision for “Muni,” as it’s known locally, was to bring Raynor’s template concepts and bold shaping to a course anyone can enjoy.